Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                    So i really don't know how to go about this because Ive never had to do it before. You know writing a letter to one of your loved ones that is going to be going soon. Well my grandma, that's who this is about. My angel from the good lord and man she is a wonderful woman. She has been diagnosed with a Terminal Lung disease and has been given a short time to live. I never thought this day would come so soon, but i have to thing positive about it. I'm not going to be depressed or anything like that only because i have MEMORIES that last forever :)
                   Grandma, you are amazing in so many ways. I can remember every time i spent with you, well almost every time. You always made me smile in some ways, either made my heart or physically smile. You always thought that i could do no wrong, and secretly i thought the same about you. You never judged me you jus told me what your opinion was no matter if i liked it or not. I'm going to miss the times when we put up the beautiful XMAS tree, planting flowers, going shopping, baking cookies, falling asleep to the touch of your fingers in the palm of my hand. There are so many things that i can say but not enough time in my lifetime to say. 
                  So remember that promise you made me when you said that you would be here for me when i get married and have kids, well im so glad to say that you'll never live down that promise. Grandma you will always be in my life even if its not physically in my presence you will always be in my thoughts, dreams, and looking at me from above. Which you always have been good at, you were always there to help, and didn't expect anything back. You mean the world and so much more to me. You are someone i have always looked up too, someone i could trust, and someone that always made me laugh ;) Memories last forever and so that means i got u now and forever. I love u dearly grandma!



Saturday, November 26, 2011


so jus wanted to take this time and thank god for allowing me to continue life for another day. i hope that 2moro will be the same. God has helped me in so many ways. He showed me the people that are good for my life, the ones that wont hinder my ability to grow up. He is good in sooo many ways. I really do believe if you pray for things that god makes the effort to make things happen. It may not always go your way but that effort is all that's needed. Some people live their lives having things handed to them, well some of us didn't we have to earn stuff. I helped an elderly lady out at work and i got a professional recognition from her, for lending a helping hand. Some things are handed to you in life, but not everything. You need to learn from mistakes and learn from the important things in life. Well goodnight.


so i really dont know what to say. 
this will be my first time ever blogging. and i have absolutely no clue what to say. lol. well i can say that i do have the best friends and family in my life right now. right now life is stressful. i have alot of people that hate me and dont want to be a part of my life. and some of those people are including family. its sad that people go so low to disown their own children and siblings. i hate the fact that people are so racist. Look this is 2011 not 1930's. i hope that eveything will turn out for the better in fact i know they will even without them cause im gunna make the best of my life. i fell in love with a wonderful man, he makes my world go round'. i think this is all i wanna say for right now. i will post later!