Saturday, November 26, 2011


so i really dont know what to say. 
this will be my first time ever blogging. and i have absolutely no clue what to say. lol. well i can say that i do have the best friends and family in my life right now. right now life is stressful. i have alot of people that hate me and dont want to be a part of my life. and some of those people are including family. its sad that people go so low to disown their own children and siblings. i hate the fact that people are so racist. Look this is 2011 not 1930's. i hope that eveything will turn out for the better in fact i know they will even without them cause im gunna make the best of my life. i fell in love with a wonderful man, he makes my world go round'. i think this is all i wanna say for right now. i will post later!

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