Saturday, November 26, 2011


so jus wanted to take this time and thank god for allowing me to continue life for another day. i hope that 2moro will be the same. God has helped me in so many ways. He showed me the people that are good for my life, the ones that wont hinder my ability to grow up. He is good in sooo many ways. I really do believe if you pray for things that god makes the effort to make things happen. It may not always go your way but that effort is all that's needed. Some people live their lives having things handed to them, well some of us didn't we have to earn stuff. I helped an elderly lady out at work and i got a professional recognition from her, for lending a helping hand. Some things are handed to you in life, but not everything. You need to learn from mistakes and learn from the important things in life. Well goodnight.

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